About Me

I am a fifth year PhD candidate, in the CS department at UCLA, where I am fortunate to be advised by two amazing people, Prof. Todd Millstein and Prof. George Varghese. I have background in networks, formal methods, and programming languages. I am interested in researching all aspects of the design and implementation of high-performance network automation tools with potential future applications to distributed systems. My approach combines insights from verification, testing, anomaly detection, algorithms, and automata theory.

I worked on finding network (router) misconfigurations by automatic template inference that resulted in a tool called SelfStarter that was used in Microsoft. My current focus is on using formal methods to improve the robustness of DNS. My work, GRoot: Proactive Verification of DNS Configurations, received a SIGCOMM best student paper award and was featured on the APNIC blog.

The recent work, SCALE: Automatically Finding RFC Compliance Bugs in DNS Nameservers found a critical vulnerability in Bind where an attacker with little effort could crash Bind nameservers and resolvers remotely. SCALE was invited for an article in the USENIX ;login: magazine. DNS-OARC tweeted about the tool saying — “Incredible reception from the audience on @SivaKesavaRK presentation. The automation tool received great compliments from the DNS experts”

Before UCLA happened, I was an undergraduate student in the CSE department at IIT Kharagpur where I was advised by Prof. Sandip Chakraborty for my undergraduate thesis.

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