About Me

I am a fourth year PhD student, in the CS department at UCLA, where I am fortunate to be advised by two amazing people, Prof. Todd Millstein and Prof. George Varghese. My research interests lie at the intersection of Networks and Programming Languages. My work is focused on addressing two key limitations in the current network verification technology - the lack of formal specifications, and a shallow application that is limited only to the routing layer.

My projects in network verification have been in collaboration with Ryan Beckett and Behnaz Arzani from MNR group at Microsoft Research and Karthick Jayaraman from Microsoft Azure. Our work, GRoot: Proactive Verification of DNS Configurations, received a SIGCOMM best student paper award and has also been featured on the APNIC blog.

Before UCLA happened, I was an undergraduate student in the CSE department at IIT Kharagpur where I was advised by Prof. Sandip Chakraborty for my undergraduate thesis.

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